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Plans in for Birchdale Farm

We have now submitted our planning application to Chester West & Cheshire Council for Birchdale Farm, Kingswood.

Our proposed redevelopment will encompass the following:

• The red brick barn, in the central part of the site, will be converted to form a pair of 2-bed dwellings. Each dwelling will be served by a dedicated cycle store, bin store and garden area to the front. The western elevation of the building will be re-rendered with white render, thus improving its overall appearance.

• The cluster of buildings in the central part of the site, comprising of a hydrotherapy pool and kennels, will be demolished and five 2-bed dwellings will be erected in their place. The two-storey dwellings will be served by private garden space to the front and rear, in addition to dedicated cycle and bin stores. Two of the dwellings will be embedded within an existing slope on the site, with a substantial proportion of their internal volume being subterranean. These two units will appear to be single-storey in height from the north, but will be two-storey from the south where there is a natural drop in the topography of the site.

• The Dutch barn and adjacent building, occupying the southern part of the site, will be converted to form a detached 4-bed dwelling. The adjacent steel-framed sheds will be demolished and a smaller double garage will be erected in their place. The dwelling will be served by a bin store and vehicular and pedestrian access will be taken via a gated entrance to the north-east of the property.

• The detached farmhouse, which is currently in residential use, will be reconfigured and altered to form a high quality 4-bed home. The external walls to the property will be re-rendered with white render, new windows will be installed and the existing lean-to conservatory will be demolished.

• The development site will be served by an extended access road, a passing lay-by and a total of 20 car parking spaces. The spaces will be distributed across the site in close proximity to the surrounding properties.

• The central part of the site will serve as a communal area, enclosed by the five new-build dwellings, the converted red brick barn and the reconfigured farmhouse. This will provide an opportunity for interaction and will be landscaped accordingly. A footpath will link this part of the site to the north and an area of land comprising of allotments and a well-being garden.

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