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Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Following consultation with Trafford Council, planning permission has now been granted at Brown Street, Hale.

The Brown Street project will re-develop the existing car park into 10 townhouses, a block of 12 apartments and a new public car park comprising of 67 spaces. Each three-storey townhouse will have a terraced garden, a single garage and a demised space in the car park. The one and two bedroom apartments will be under a shared ownership scheme, making them more affordable and catering to a more diverse market. The public car park will include accessible spaces, EV charging points, bicycle and motorbike spaces.

In response to concerns surrounding the development:-

• The height of the proposed dwellings and apartment building has been reduced to ensure the scheme is in keeping with the surrounding existing development.

• The design of the eastern elevation of the car park has been amended and the proposed material to be used on this elevation has been revised to respond to the surrounding context. It now comprises of a mix of brickwork and galvanised metal fins.

• The fenestration design and brickwork proposed for the apartments has also been amended to respond to comments from the Local Planning Authority.

• There have been several minor amendments to the internal layout of and proposed access to the car park to respond to comments received from the Local Highway Authority. Parking surveys commissioned by the Council and analysed within the Supplementary Transport Statement demonstrate that the proposed level of retained public parking at the site is sufficient to meet average parking demand. A traffic management scheme has also been proposed on Brown Street, and is described in the submitted Supplementary Transport Statement.

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