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Creatives - and creative ways out of covid

At Novo, we have an important year ahead and a very important role to play within our community.

In a post Covid world, it’s never been more important for us to be creating new homes and focussing inward investment to our local towns. The continuation and expansion of our pipeline ensures that millions of pounds will be invested, supporting hundreds of jobs across our professional teams and on-site trades.

Going through lockdown has given us all the opportunity to understand the role that our home provides within our lives. Gauging the surge in the property market as the restrictions have been lifted, tells us there are a lot of people wanting to find their perfect home. This has really heightened our responsibilities to create places that people love, so we are investing in our team and looking to find new creatives who can help us deliver amazing homes.

The initial remit will be working across three developments around Altrincham, creating 41 new homes worth a total of £19m. Whilst the economic pressures undoubtedly make developing more difficult, together we are finding opportunities through the adversities. For us, we’ve already experienced this first-hand, with one of our construction partners sadly falling into administration; we responded by creating three full time jobs and numerous part time and sub-contractor roles.

In the latest expansion, we are looking for creative individuals, freelancers or small companies with the sole focus to make our homes and our buyers experience as amazing as possible. We’ll be looking for those that can adopt and progress the Novo brand and culture, whilst applying their own experiences and direction. This will be a holistic approach, plugging into our wider team, brand, interiors, marketing, sales and lettings.

We are happy for this to grow into a full-time position, or equally to expand our external collaborators. Another thing that Covid taught us was the quality and dependability of our external teams, it’s through their support that we are able to continue and push through these difficult times. We look forward to growing the team and the further opportunities that will arise.

So, if you can help us with designing incredible interiors, procuring unique specifications, creating a distinct identity to each space, and essentially delivering someone’s perfect home, then we’d love to hear from you.

Please contact us at

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