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New Project: George Street

Our most recently acquired project, George Street, is a development that we envision impacting the on-going regeneration of Altrincham centre, alongside the recent plans to the Grafton Centre. George Street is an underperforming area of the centre in need of investment and a more purposeful use of space.

The site is currently a commercial unit, however we are proposing a mixed-use scheme of apartments, retail and co-working spaces to form the new hub. A new commercial frontage on to Central Way will significantly improve the area, whilst the residential aspect will be made up of modern, high-spec apartments which we are keen to keep affordable. One of the key features of this development is to connect George Street and Central Way by having the building accessible from both sides, thereby forming a gateway to the pedestrian areas on the high street.

We are currently assembling a design team lead by Project3 to enter into a dialogue with Trafford Planning to progress scheme ideas. We intend to use the stark, industrial feel of the current architecture to influence and develop the new scheme.

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