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Updated proposals in Little Bollington

View of the proposed development from Lymm Road
View of the proposed development from Lymm Road

Last night we held our second public engagement event to show our proposals for the redevelopment of the Stamford Arms to local residents.

Event at The Swn With Two Nicks Pub
Event at The Swn With Two Nicks Pub

We’ve spent the last few months taking on board feedback from our first consultation in October and incorporating it into our proposals. The revised plans are now ready to be released.

Rear elevation with proposed extension
Rear elevation with proposed extension

The revised proposals include the refurbishment of the main pub building to include 9 affordable dwellings, the refurbishment of the outbuildings to include 5 mews style 2-bed houses, and the construction of 4 new 4-bed dwellings on the former car park.

The event was well attended, and we received plenty of positive and constructive feedback from the residents of Little Bollington, who above all are enthusiastic to see this prominent building brought back to life.

We will continue to take on board feedback as we finalise our proposals over the coming weeks in time for a spring planning submission.

Key elements of the proposal:

  • Provision of 50% affordable housing

  • Restoration of all existing buildings

  • Construction of new homes

  • Retention where possible of all existing mature trees and planting of new trees and hedgerows

Key changes from first public engagement event:

  • After consultation with the local parish, the previously proposed community space and its associated hardstanding has been removed, and Novo will work alongside residents to support the community in other ways, prioritising traffic calming measures on Lymm Road

  • All car parking and access roads have been moved to the rear of the site in line with the design guidance in the draft neighbourhood plan

  • The number of proposed dwellings on site has been reduced to increase the space available per unit and reduce parking demand on the site

  • The number of parking spaces across the site has increased to provide 31 spaces for 18 units

  • The proposed materials to be used on the extension to the main building is now Japanese Burnt Wood

  • The new build property to the east of the site is now a bungalow, to help reduce the visual impact on the greenbelt

Project Team:

Architects: Project 3 Architects

CGI's: DA.V.E + CO

Landscape Architect: Land Studio

Board Design: Little Betty Design

Planning Consultants: Avison Young

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