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Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Role: Assistant Site Manager/Site Manager.

Location: Hale, Altrincham.

Novo is a fast-growing, ambitious property development company with an excellent reputation for delivering new homes and workplaces, and regenerating urban neighbourhoods. 

We are currently looking to recruit an Assistant Site Manager/Site Manager to assist with the completion of our Brown Street Project in Hale.

The ideal candidate must have residential experience of at least 3 years, be fully conversant with the internal fit out process and have a great eye for detail to ensure we achieve the highest possible standard of finish.

They must have:


1st Aid


All applications must be submitted in writing to complete with a CV, details of at 3 references, ideally previous line managers and details of the expected remuneration package.

Closing date for applications is 27 November 2020.

Expected commencement date is 18 January 2021.

Job Specification

Job Purpose Summary

To assist the Site Manager with the day-to-day running of the project.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

General Duties

- Manage Health, Safety & the Environment (detailed below).

- Manage Quality (detailed below).

- Control site labour.

- Control materials.

- Assist in the project short term planning for the project.

- Assist in the project progress tracking & reporting.

- On site co ordination of contractors to ensure maximum productivity.

- Provide knowledgeable and practical advice on construction detailing and finishes.

- Ensure that key programmed dates are achieved on time.

- Maintain a daily site diary. This should include labour, resources and operation details as well as any plant allocations, deliveries, accidents and/or incidents as well as any other relevant issues.

Health & Safety

- Site Safety Inductions to all new site operatives.

- Regular Tool Box Talks with Site Operatives.

- Risk Assessment & Method Statement assessment.

- Weekly HS&E report and resulting actions.

- Involvement and preparation for 4 weekly safety meetings.

- Weekly Inspection & Checks along with written confirmation on the following:

o Site Scaffold.

o Site Plant.

- Daily visual checks before work commences on the following:

o Site Scaffold

o Site Plant

o Excavations

- Issue & sign off of permits to work.

- Ensure all Company procedures are followed at all times.

- Ensure all site operatives follow the site rules & wear the necessary PPE.

- Ensure site has clear access routes to and from the place of work.

- Ensure welfare facilities are maintained in a habitable condition.

- Ensure storage of materials is in a safe condition i.e. stacking brick & block.

- Ensure that distribution of material is safe.

- Ensure that the loading out of material does not affect stability of platform.

- Ensure a safe working place for all operatives.

- Fill in any accident reports. Report any incident to Project lead.


- Ensure that construction operations are following current drawing revision.

- Ensure that operatives are using specified materials.

- Ensure that materials are those specified in contract documents.

- Check daily the quality of the workmanship. Sign quality check sheets to confirm check.

- Notify subcontractors of any defect in either materials and/or workmanship.

- Ensure that storage of materials is maintained in a condition, which does not affect the quality of that material.

- Ensure that the transportation of the material from the storage area to the place of installation does not cause damage to that material.


- Order materials for labour-only sub-contractors.

- Check deliveries for quality when delivered and report on delivery note BEFORE signing.

- Co-ordinate deliveries on site with site manager and site operative.

Specific Areas of work

o Sub-structure of plots.

o Superstructure including all elevational treatments.

o External groundworks incl. stats, hard & soft landscaping, fencing, roads and sewers.

o Ordering of skips.

o Ordering of fuel for Novo hired plant.

o Co-ordination of sub-contractors in conjunction with Site Manager.

o Weekly reporting.


No job description can be entirely comprehensive and the post holder will be expected to carry out such other duties as may be required from time to time and are broadly consistent with the role profile and the status of the post with the company.

You will be expected to carry out all duties in the context of and in compliance with the Company’s Equal Opportunity and Equality, and Safety, Health, Environmental and Welfare Policies.

All application must be submitted in writing to complete with a CV, details of at 3 references, ideally previous line managers and details of the expected remuneration package.

Closing date for applications is 27/11/20.

Expected commencement date is 18/1/21.

All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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