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Privacy Policy

Your Personal Information is restricted to information you have given us yourself or to an agent acting on our behalf and will usually consist of your full name and contact information such as your email address, correspondence address and telephone number. We may have also added some concise notes concerning the type of property or development you are looking for. In limited circumstances, we might hold additional information about you. You will have given us your consent to retain this information.

What Personal Information we retain

We keep Personal Information about you so that we can contact you about properties or development opportunities you might be interested in. We might also need your Personal Information to fulfil any legal or contractual obligations we might have.

Why we retain your Personal Information 

The purpose of this document is to provide you with privacy information for Novo Property Group located at 2a Post Office Street, Altrincham, WA14 1QA.


You may, at any time, contact Novo using the Data Protection Contact Details below to request what personal information Novo holds about you and ask for it to be amended. This is referred to as “Subject Access”.

You may also request that Novo restricts its use of your data – for example, if you feel that we are contacting you with irrelevant information. If your request to restrict Novo’s usage of your data is too complex, we may choose to simply delete your personal information.

In addition to the above, you may contact Novo using the Data Protection Contact Details below and request that your personal information is deleted at any time, which we will do unless we are otherwise obliged to retain your Personal Information. If we cannot delete it, we will explain to you clearly why we must retain it.

Novo will respond to any of yours request within one month and you will not be charged a fee by Novo for doing this.

Your rights to "Subject Access" 

If you have contacted us about a specific property at a particular development, we will hold your personal information until all the properties within a development have been sold. Within three months, we will aim to contact you to ask if you would like to remain on our files in case any other property in our portfolio might interest you. If we don’t hear from you within one month of contacting you, we will delete your details.

If you have contacted us expressing more general interests in our properties or services, we will hold your Personal Information for five years from your last contact with us, unless you ask us to delete it earlier.

How long we retain your Personal Information 

Novo will not pass your personal information onto any third party unless you have a signed a contract with us which would require us to share your personal information.

How we share your Personal Information 

Our main data storage provider has been awarded ISO 27018 - the internationally recognised standard for leasing practices in cloud privacy and data protection. Our other software providers have confirmed to us that they have sufficient data protection in place to reasonably protect the data we hold. 

Our systems are all password protected and we frequently back-up our information on local hard drives which are also kept securely. 

Data Security at Novo Property Group 

This notice reflects Novo's standard Privacy Information. However, if you sign a contract with Novo or a contract where Novo is acting, this contract might include information relating to your Personal Information. Where the Privacy Information in that contract differs from what is written in this document, the contract you have signed with us will take precedent. 

Contracted Clients 

We take a personal approach when dealing with all our clients and prospective clients and treat your personal information accordingly. It is not our intention to contract you with irrelevant information or too frequently. 

We do not collect visitor data or usage of our website except on an aggregated basis. We cannot identify your individual usage. 

Automated Processing of your Personal Information 

Novo Property Group's core activities do not include large scale, regular and systematic monitoring of individuals or consist of large scale processing of special categories of data or data relating to criminal convictions and offences, so it does not have a designated Data Protection Officer. However, if you have any queries relating to Data, please contact

Data Protection Contact Details 

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