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Our Promise

We believe in community and in taking our responsibilities seriously. We are active contributors to environmental, social and economic sustainability, within South Manchester.

Metrics and Goals

Across the last decade we have invested over £150m into local projects. 

We have been one of the most active private sector influences within the regeneration of Altrincham Town Centre. 

Over 65% of our works are spent with local work forces and suppliers. 

We are training a team of installers to support the increasing demand for replacement energy efficient heating systems. 

Our team work hard to develop the next generation of talent by supporting apprenticeships.

'The greenest building is the one that already exists'. We have restored and repositioned buildings that others have said too derelict or out-dated. We use a different approach to drive sustainability first, and make it work for future generations. 



We are supporting the next generation of talent within the industry by our apprenticeship programme. 

Supporting the

Next Generation 


We are enhancing the efficiency of the buildings across our portfolio, including lighting upgrades, heating, insulation and introducing innovative building control systems. 

Carbon Emissions


As we have developed in high value areas, we have made it a particular focus to go above our affordability requirements, delivering high quality, shared ownership homes, supporting those with smaller deposits to get onto the property ladder. 



We are creators, and we are committed to preserving the individuality that comes from time served craftsmanship. Our portfolio speaks for itself, we will continue to strive for the highest quality.



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